Cole Solutions offers comprehensive services to businesses utilizing Microsoft Dynamics, NetSuite, and various other ERP and CRM solutions.

With a focus on enhancing operational efficiency and driving revenue growth, Cole Solutions specializes in leveraging advanced automation, machine learning, and business intelligence technologies. By harnessing these innovative tools, Cole Solutions empowers companies to optimize their processes, control costs, and unlock new opportunities for expansion and success in the competitive marketplace.

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ISV | Microsoft Dynamics ERP | NetSuite

Cole Solutions stands as both an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) and a trusted partner for Microsoft Dynamics ERP and Oracle NetSuite. With extensive experience in systems integration, business process automation, machine learning, business intelligence, and proprietary solutions, we are committed to delivering high-quality, value-added solutions. Our mission is to address the daily business challenges faced by organizations by leveraging cutting-edge technology in a cost-effective manner.

We strive to enhance business processes, drive market share expansion, and boost profitability for our clients. By providing comprehensive solutions, we aim to profoundly impact the lives and business landscapes of our clients, ensuring they achieve sustainable growth and success. Cole Solutions is dedicated to delivering excellence and innovation in every aspect of our service offerings.


Business Process Automation

Cole Solutions helps clients scale their business by understanding their needs, optimizing their processes, and reducing manual work.

Business Intelligence

We provide data solutions that give your business an edge. Discover new possibilities with our data-driven insights.

Systems Integration (ERP/CRM)

We are experts in integrating various business software solutions. With our Microsoft & NetSuite partnership and years of experience, we deliver quality results for our clients.

Machine Learning

We use machine learning to transform data into insights for our clients. Our data solutions help you gain a competitive advantage in your industry.

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