Since 1996, Cole Solutions, LLC, has focused on improving, or eliminating, our clients’ bottlenecks. We deliver expertise by taking the time to better understand their unique industry and business environment as well as their challenges. Our cost-cutting and revenue-enhancement strategies are at the center of our methodologies. We have implemented hundreds of ERP, CRM, BI, ML and other custom solutions that required complex integrations with other front- and back-end systems. Over the decades, we have successfully served corporations of all sizes across the globe with our single-focus, time-tested approach.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help our clients maximize their return on investments. Such investments could be human resources, software solutions or other capital investments. We do this by leveraging proven and time-tested technologies and methodologies to automate fully understood and well-defined business processes that are in line with our clients overall strategic goals. We place significant value on serving as trusted advisors to our clients and allowing them to focus on what they do best –– run their business.

Our Approach

At Cole Solutions, LLC, we align ourselves with the PMI standards when it comes to handling all projects. We make sure goals, specifications, tasks and responsibilities are clearly defined and well documented to avoid scope creeps. We leverage the power of Microsoft Project to aid with all schedules, budget, resource, risk management and planning. As we execute projects, we maintain communication with all stakeholders by producing the quality status report, change orders reports and budget vs. actual reports. These activities and reports help all parties stay informed, organized and armed with the necessary details to make sound decisions and manage deliverables. Our methodology is proven to bridge the gap between socio-cultural and technical activities.